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Dr Grace Pretty



For 35 years Dr. Grace has been supporting people through mental and physical distress. She maintains that a person can develop the courage and persistence to positively deal with the challenges of everyday life, as well as the traumatic and unexpected, through competency in appropriate psychological strategies and skills.

Her home is Canada where she was trained and started her practice. 25 years ago she settled in Australia to teach and research within the postgraduate program at the University 
of Southern Queensland. She has retired as a Professor of Clinical Psychology at USQ and maintained a part-time practice with her colleagues at Houston House. She consults with adult clients regarding anxiety, depression and stress-related challenges, as well as with first responders, veterans and survivors of personal trauma. She has extensive experience in supporting recovery from distressing experiences, loss and adjustment to life after disaster experiences.

In addition to being a Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Grace is also a Health Psychologist assisting medical consultants with care and management of chronic pain, acute and long term physical disabilities and chronic diseases. Dr. Pretty is an Honorary Fellow of the Australian Psychological Society, a member of the Colleges of Clinical and Health Psychologists, and holds APHRA endorsement in these areas.

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